Wednesday, March 3, 2010


How often have you got the chance
To take a leap head first
To close your eyes, to hold your breath
To make the dive you must

How often have you stood the gaze
Of critical, judgmental eyes?
How often have you been able to
Stand up and prove them otherwise?

How often have stood a challenge
Knowing well you could disappoint?
Anxious to see yourself through
Yet wanting to make a point?

How often have you looked over the edge
And known in your heart you could fly
Believed you wouldn't hit the bottom
If only you would try...

Have often have you surrendered to instincts
And seen yourself flare
How often have you let your faith rule
How often did you dare?

Take that plunge, And once you do
You'll fare better than you wished
You'll have wings unfurl in you
You'll find yourself unleashed!


  1. Very nice :) .. You should go so high in your life that you should look down and not up to see the sky :)

  2. @all : Thanks for all the nice comments!!

  3. Finally you unleashed the poet in you!
    Had read parts and pieces of this in some of your gmail status msgs :)
    Super ending!

  4. @Anil, Vedi, AJ : Thanks for the appreciation.. Really encouraging!!

  5. good one.. last stanza is really good!