Thursday, March 25, 2010


Watch your step, watch your words
Watch your actions, watch yours thoughts
Watch what you say and watch what you do
You've got a spotlight shining down on you!

Don’t drop your watch lest you betray a chance
You might be caught with a misjudged glance
And things might just get worse anew
Remember you've got a spotlight shining down on you!

The world is watching through a million eyes
Eyes that are waiting to catch you in a trice
Eyes that nag, and reprimand too
As you live with the spotlight shining down on you!

Its pins you down with its glare
Puts you through a grindstone, to see how you fare
Robs the spring in your step, the smile in you eyes too
The loathsome spotlight beaming down on you!

With the best mask over your face drawn
With your facade of pretence you go on
Silencing your mind, quieting your heart too
You've got to be cautious - the spotlight's on you!

All day long you wait for the show to end
Gripped with anxiety, cold with fear, with dread
In the heart of your dreams, you may be spared, that’s true
But with every new day its back - that spotlight shining down on you!


  1. Nice one :) .. I have noticed most of your poems are reflecting yourself :)

  2. Thanks! And this is so absolutely not about me!

  3. nice thoughts bidisha...!
    quite relevant...

  4. so true about the spotlight !! well written....

  5. @anupam, vedi n susan : Thanks for all the nice comments!!

  6. loved it!! Bidi your poems are so relatable!!! Get goosebumps!