Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whats it with the name?

Several days of thought, discussions with people who conclusively proclaimed that I was incapable of ever making up my mind, dissection of every clever idea that some very clever people in my life came up with, fretting over the draught of inspiration in my head – this is what I finally dig out and zero in on – MOSAIC.

Mosaic is supposed to be about everything that counts in my life. It’s about everyone who’s walked in and out of it. It’s about all those who’ve stayed.

Mosaic is essentially the mesh of thoughts that sprout in my mind everyday, some rooting themselves in deep, some struggling to be freed from their confinement, some blooming into big things, some biding their time, some never finding a way out.

So a dozen people will turn around to tell me I could have done better with the name. Maybe… But Mosaic was stuck in my brain way before I thought it could play a role on my blog here.

Mosaic is one of the first poems I ever wrote. :)

It was written under some serious pressure to churn out something for my college magazine. I was given the title; all I had to do was pen a few verses that fit in. (“Look at it this way - you know what to write about! Half the job is done!”) Two hours away from the deadline to turn this in, I had little choice but to say – ‘Go for it girl!’ and put down absolutely whatever cropped up in my mind. And Mosaic was written – amateurish, too much of rhyme, too much of color (literally). Maybe it was all wrong… but it was a beginning nevertheless. A beginning I was too glad to have made!

When I had spent a good week looking for something to call my blog, an overworked (and terribly tired) brain surfaced this piece of memory once more! And no other name sounded more apt any longer!

And so that’s how ‘Mosaic’ is back again!

What luck and inspiration (and maybe some color?) it brings to my posts here, remains to be seen. But right now, “Half the job is done guys!” ;)