Thursday, March 4, 2010


What wouldn't I give
To free me from your grip
What wouldn't I give
To stop your soaring flight
What wouldn't I give
To stay your slipping grains of sand
What wouldn't I give to hold onto that,
Which won’t ever come back?

Running by when I looked away
Unswerving when I urged you on
Unrelenting, unyielding
Defying my every word

I fought you not
Bowing to your every demand
Over an over again, dragged in your wake
Treading paths you wished me to take

I've come this far
I wish now to live
This paradise I’ve found
I refuse to part
With all this that I own
I refuse to leave this me behind
I refuse to walk you all alone

A few moments is all I beg
To look back at a life I forsake
Be gracious, Time, I need you now
Don’t rush me along, I wish to wait

Like a giant clock ticking far away
It heeds not my plea
It’s pushed me all along
I’ve struggled to break free

But today I can hear its voice
The voice of Time now speaks to me
I care not where it echos from
Only question its purpose to be

“There’s a part of me in everyone" it says,
"I’m urging them along their way
This that you call your own
None of it is here to stay
For everyone is in search
Of that what is meant to be
Everything here
Is looking for its destiny

I’m that destiny you came with
The life that’s kept you going
Your only companion forever
I won’t bind you down…
I’ll set you free…”

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  1. I think of just one word for this which is "inexorable"